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Venda Ravioli Gourmet Catering

catering1.jpgVenda Ravioli has been long known for its delicious prepared foods available in the store on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. The beautiful platters of Italian specialties catch your eye as soon as you walk into this food emporium.

Venda Ravioli offers a full catering menu and catering services for private parties, large and small. Looking for something not on our list? Please let us know, we're more than happy to try and meet your requests.

Please call and ask to speak to our catering chef, Giovanni Ricci, for any catering questions and requests at 401-421-9105.

* Click to view: Venda Ravioli's Catering Menu 
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Beef Items

  • Steak tips with mushrooms - beef tips seasoned and grilled then tossed with sauteed mushrooms brown gravy.
  • Steak tips with roasted garlic - beef tips grilled and seasoned then tossed with roasted garlic and brown gravy.
  • Beef Rollatini - Beef flap meat pounded and stuffed pinwheel style with a pesto and parmesan filling sliced and displayed with gravy of choice.
  • Seared beef tenderloin - Beef tenderloin seasoned and seared rare sliced thin and served with gravy of choice.
  • Prime Rib - seasoned and roasted medium rare to medium sliced to 10oz portions or larger
  • Sliced Top Round Roast Beef - slow roasted rare and sliced thin served with an aujus dipping sauce.
  • Sauces available for beef - beef demi, roasted mushroom, roasted garlic, Aujus, peppercorn, truffle glaze.
  • Meatballs with sauce
  • Beef Bresaola - slow roasted beef top round wrapped around pork loin and seasoned.
  • Meatloaf - traditional style served in either individual size or loaf, dressed with a bourbon gravy

Pork Items

  • Pork tenderloin medallion’s - sauteed and simmered with red and yellow peppers and caramelized onions.
  • Pork tenderloin rolltini - pork tenders rolled with chopped chorizo sausage, parsley, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Stuffed pork roast - center cut pork loin rolled with various stuffing’s and slow roasted, served with brown gravy.
  • Pork Roast - slow roasted pork loin sliced and served with a rosemary sauce also can be served with a pineapple glaze.
  • Pork Bresaola - Slices of pork loin rolled with hot capicola, chopped parsley, and sweet sausage.
  • BBQ Ribs - baby back ribs slow roasted and glazed with a tangy BBQ sauce.
  • Buffalo rib singles - cut baby back ribs slow roasted then fried and tossed with buffalo sauce
  • Chorizo and roasted potatoes - Roasted potatoes tossed with sliced chorizo sauteed with carmelized onions and chopped parsley
  • Sausage and Rabe - Venda’s own grilled Italian sausage sliced and tossed with sauteed rabe and roasted peppers.
  • Sausage and polenta - Creamy style polenta topped with slow braised ground pork in a spicy red sauce.
  • Pork Chops - done in various methods.
  • Sausage and peppers with oil
  • Sausage and peppers with sauce

Chicken Entrees

  • Chicken marsala - sauteed chicken breast with mushrooms and marsala wine.
  • Chicken cacciatore - sauteed with white wine, peppers, onions, and marinara sauce.
  • Chicken and broccoli - sauteed with white wine, garlic, and broccoli.
  • Chicken scampi - sauteed white wine, garlic, basil, and lemon.
  • Chicken franchese - egg battered chicken breast topped with a lemon sauce.
  • Chicken saltimbocca - chicken breast roasted topped with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella cheese topped with a white wine sauce.
  • Chicken wings - served buffalo, BBQ, Italian, and Teriyaki style.
  • Chicken cutlets - bread chicken breasts and fried.
  • Chicken parmesan - breaded cutlet topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese.
  • Chicken parmesan also available in party size
  • Chicken Siciliana - Chicken cutlets topped with a spinach ricotta and breaded eggplant with marinara and mozzarella cheese.
  • 1/4 bone in Chicken - slow roasted and seasoned with choice of BBQ or rosemary lemon
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu - Chicken breast rolled with rosemarino ham and fresh mozzarella cheese then breaded and fried.
  • Chicken alla venda - chopped chicken cutlets tossed with roasted and hot peppers.
  • Grilled chicken thighs - grilled and seasoned with a lemon, honey, and basil glaze.


  • Veal & peas - stew veal simmered with peas and onions with a spicy marinara.
  • Veal & mushroom - stew veal simmered with onions and rosemary then tossed with roasted onions.
  • Veal short ribs - slow braised veal short ribs seasoned with fresh herbs and crushed red pepper.
  • Veal tenderloin - Grilled and served in various ways.
  • Veal cutlets - breaded veal medallions and fried
  • Veal osso buco - slow braised veal shanks served with diced carrots and onion.
  • Grilled veal tenderloin - marinated with olive oil and rosemary tossed with various items from roasted mushrooms to quartered artichoke hearts.


  • Roasted shrimp and grilled asparagus teriyaki - Seasoned and roasted shrimp tossed with grilled asparagus, and roasted cherry tomatoes then dressed with a sweet teriyaki glaze.
  • Coconut shrimp - Shrimp dipped in a coconut batter then fried available with a tangy citrus dipping sauce on the side.
  • Shrimp Scampi - sauteed shrimp simmered with basil, garlic, white wine tossed with grilled zucchini.
  • Shrimp cocktail served with lemon and cocktail sauce.
  • Baked stuffed shrimp - shrimp rolled with a crab meat and Ritz cracker stuffing,
  • Pan seared salmon - Salmon filet seasoned and seared finished with a honey lemon glaze.
  • Grilled Salmon - filet marinated with olive oil and lemon zest then grilled served with hollandaise sauce.
  • Stuffed salmon pinwheels - butterflied salmon filet stuffed with a crabmeat stuffing then roasted and served with a lemon bur blanc sauce.
  • Cod Pizziolia - Native cod filets roasted in a spicy marinara sauce with black olives and capers.
  • Cod Bianco - Native cod filets roasted in a spumanti sauce with fresh basil shallots and dice roma tomato.
  • Cod primavera - native cod filets seasoned with lemon zest and olive oil then topped with shredded zucchini, sliced roma tomato, and burmuda onions and then roasted.
  • Fried calamari - served with hot peppers and lemon wedges.
  • Calimari salad - seasoned with roasted peppers, sliced olives, and balsamic dressing.
  • Stuffies - native topnecks with bread crumbs seasoned with chopped clams, diced cappacola, and caramelized onions with a touch of hot sauce.
  • Clams casino - native little necks on the half shell topped with a diced bell pepper and onion crumb mix seasoned with bacon and oregano, then roasted.
  • Baked stuffed sole - filets rolled with a spinach and crab stuffing topped with a sherry cream sauce.
  • Scallops wrapped in Bacon.
  • Pan seared scallops - over risotto.
  • Other Seafood available upon request - Tuna, swordfish, Monk Fish, smelts, Bronzini, Halibut, Chilean Sea Bass, Halibut (seasonal), cobia, snapper, oysters, mussels, etc..

Pastas and Pasta Salads

  • Tortellini salad - tossed with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and black olives tossed with olive oil and red wine vinaigrette.
  • Ravioletti with peas and prosciutto - Meat ravioletti tossed with caramelized onions, diced procuitto and sweet peas, seasoned with olive oil and romano cheese.
  • Gnocchi with roasted eggplant and basil.
  • Cavatelli with broccoli - seasoned with olive oil, roasted garlic and parmesan cheese.
  • Fusilli Primavera - fusilli pasta tossed with roasted zucchini, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms with roasted garlic and basil.
  • Cheese ravioli with marinara.
  • Baby shells with Bolognese sauce.
  • Agnolotti pesto - agnolotti pasta tossed with pesto sauce and roasted peppers.
  • Meat ravioli - tossed with caramenlized onions and diced chorizo sausage with black olives and shredded basil.
  • Toasted Cous cous salad - tossed with diced roasted mushroom and onions seasoned with diced parsley and basil.
  • Mini round ravioli - tossed with roasted mushrooms, sauteed spinach, and sundried tomatoes.
  • Toasted orzo salad - tossed with cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese with olive oil and diced basil.
  • Baked stuffed shells - large shells filled with ricotta, topped with marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
  • Baked manicotti - pasta sheets rolled with ricotta stuffing, topped with marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
  • Meat lasagna - Layers of fresh pasta with ground pork, beef, and veal tossed with ricotta stacked ontop of one another with marinara sauce then baked.
  • Vegetable Lasagna - Fresh pasta layered with seasonal vegtables with ricotta cheese and marinara then baked to perfection.
  • Baked 3 cheese penne - penne pasta tossed with marinara and Mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta cheese, then baked.
  • Rigatoni with mushroom and onions - rigatoni pasta tossed with roasted mushrooms and caramelized onions in a creamy parmesan sauce.
  • Mezze rigatoni and tuna - small rigatoni pasta tossed with sauteed tuna with black olives, garlic, and chopped basil seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.


  • Sauteed rabe - Broccoli rabe blanched then sauteed with roasted garlic and seasonings cooked aldente to allow to not be over cooked when heated up for event or at home.
  • String bean almandine - string beans blanched then tossed with roasted almonds and seasonings in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Peas and mushrooms - sweet peas tossed with caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms.
  • Swiss chard - Blanched greens seasoned and tossed with red kidney beans.
  • French Beans - blanched and tossed with roasted cherry tomatoes and oregano in olive oil.
  • Wax beans - fresh yellow beans blanched and tossed with chopped parsley seasonings and olive oil.
  • Brussel sprouts - fresh sprouts tossed with pancetta and caramelized onions.
  • Grilled eggplant and roasted peppers - seasoned with roasted garlic fresh herbs and olive oil.
  • Grilled asparagus - seasoned with olive oil and lemon zest.
  • Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto - Bunches of 3 blanched asparagus seasoned and wrapped with prosciutto di Parma.
  • Glazed baby carrots - baby crew cut carrots blanched and tossed with a touch of honey and lemon juice.
  • Tomato salad - vine ripened tomatoes quartered seasoned and tossed with fresh herbs and olive oil with red onions
  • Cucumber salad - English cucumbers chopped and seasoned with olive oil and red onions with fresh herbs.
  • Roasted sweet potatoes - seasoned with a touch of nutmeg and brown suger then roasted.
  • Roasted potatoes - tossed with caramelized onions and roasted peppers.
  • Italian potato salad - seasoned with olive oil, red onions and chopped parsley with a touch of red wine vinegar.
  • Roasted mushrooms salad - a mixture of oyster, Portobello and button mushrooms seasoned with olive oil and a touch of porchini dust.
  • Eggplant Parmesan - breaded and fried eggplant rounds topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
  • Eggplant Rolltini - sliced eggplant breaded and baked then rolled with ricotta filling with chopped spinach and diced artichoke hearts then baked with sauce and mozzarella cheese.
  • Escarole and beans - Sauteed escarole seasoned with crushed red pepper and roasted garlic tossed with cannellini beans.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms - large mushroom caps roasted then stuffed with a sausage and bread crumb filling then baked topped with parmesan cheese.
  • Stuffed artichoke hearts - baby artichoke hearts split in half and filled with a crab meat and ritz cracker stuffing.
  • Stuffed Artichoke - Large artichokes split and poached then stuffed with a rich pepperoni and olive stuffing.
  • Stuffed peppers - red bell peppers roasted and stuffed with a pepperoni and olive stuffing.
  • Chickpea and artichoke salad - whole chickpeas and quarted marinated artichokes tossed with sundried tomatoes and fresh herbs seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Beet Salad - Roasted beets sliced and tossed with Bermuda onions seasoned with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Grilled vegtable mix - zucchini, summer squash, Vidalia onion, asparigus, red bell peppers, seasoned and tossed with olive oil then grilled aldente.
  • Fennel salad - fennel bulbs sliced thin and marinated with red wine vinegar then tossed with toasted almonds and mandarin orange sections.
  • Lima Beans - shelled and cooked lima beans seasone with diced red onions, chopped parsley and olive oil with a touch of vinegar.
  • Fruit Salad - diced pinapple, watermelon, strawberry, and cantaloupe melon.
  • Asparagus and prosciutto - blanched asparagus bundles seasoned and rolled with prosciutto.
  • Prosciutto and melon - cantaloupe melon sliced and rolled with prociutto
  • Potato skins - baked potato skins topped with diced bacon and 3 cheese blend with chopped parsley and scallions.
  • Roasted butternut squash - seasoned with a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon then roasted and tossed with olive oil.
  • Aranchini - aborio rice seasoned with roasted prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and chopped basil , then breaded and fried to a golden brown.


catering2.jpgWe have a large selection of prepared foods for any occasion. Some of the selections are seasonal, but if there is something you're interested in and don't see on our list then please call and we will certainly try to accomodate your request.

Quality of unsurpassed standards is attained by using only the finest ingredients. 
Quality is our way of saying we care. Our catering team is here to work with you! Thank you for considering Venda Ravioli for catering your event.